"...if passion breeds success, the proof is in the new album. The story of the album’s production is filled with obsession. (Friends staged interventions to get Day to stop borrowing money to complete it.) But the result is one of the strongest albums to come out of San Francisco this year. Like the frontman, it is irresistibly engaging. And Forrest Day, a band often overlooked in the past, may find the response it needs for the national stage." - HUFFINGTON POST

"This fairly obscure funk-soul-hip-hop group,with a big white dude rhyming at light speed on the mike, was simply destroying
expectations." - SF WEEKLY

"Idiosyncratic. Original. Novel. Call it whatever you like, but let this be known: Bay Area musician Forrest Day is easily one of the most captivating individuals the cultural-rich locale has ever produced. Yes, ever. Throw him in the mix with RHCP, Sublime, Jane’s Addiction and Green Day, this genre-bending wizard is something else altogether." - ABSOLUTE PUNK.NET

"At first listen, the music of Forrest Day is a kind of assault on the ears as your brain attempts to pick up on a familiar tone. Typical time signatures and hints of jazz and hip-hop ground the sound in conventional tropes, but the atypical stylings propel the band into a seemingly limitless, experimental range. Under the direction of Forrest Day the man, Forrest Day the band mixes pop, punk and hip-hop with a cup of this, a teaspoon of that, and a pinch of something else to create music that is sometimes experimental, often danceable, and always
Forrest Day." - BOISE WEEKLY

"One is tempted to squeeze Day in under the “hip-hop plus” umbrella that is already occupied in the Bay Area by groups like Shotgun Wedding Quintet (who opened for Day at the show I saw) and on a national level by the Roots. All three groups are headed by charismatic frontmen eager to rap faster than you can say boo, sing, and occasionally cede the floor to a supporting cast of talented bass, drums, guitar, brass, etcetera, etcetera, to mammothly danceable effect. But the parallel minimizes the diverse influences all draw on, and in the case of Forrest Day, barely encompasses their show at all." - SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN

"The best part of this whole story is that these guys are only on their way up. They're one of the most talented, hard working groups and they're out there pounding the pavement proving themselves one show at a time. Each time the crowd grows, the band gets even better, and if you're lucky you get to hear a couple new tunes." - THE BAY BRIDGED

"There’s a clockwork intelligence to the carefully careening music of Oakland’s Forrest Day. Everything’s in its right place yet the songs still fly at one with a visceral immediacy, punk rock energy harnessed to strong singer-songwriter chops, lean, funky & utterly efficient musicianship, and dark, smart, funny observations." - DIRTY IMPOUND

"Day doesn't sound like a man who would be happy enough with just saying his piece and letting it fall on deaf ears. We're all often guilty of lacking compassion, but Day's words and music are important urgings to try to change that. We're stupid if we don't."  - DAYTROTTER

"You won’t want to miss this exciting night, and trust me when I say that you’ll walk away from the show talking about Forrest Day and the meaning of life, or you’ll just be scratching your head asking yourself, ‘What just happened in there?’ Either way it’s bound to be one hell of an

"At home in the Bay Area, Forrest Day appears to be the Next Big Thing. His band and its unique, crowd-friendly sound sells out some of the biggest venues in San Francisco (The Independent, Slim’s) and most of the area’s major papers — The Chronicle, Bay Guardian and SF Weekly — have published glowing reviews. Through a mix of impressively dexterous rapping and traditional-ish soul singing, we are given an inside look at an intriguing persona. Day’s music is at once engaging and disquieting—even as you’re compelled to bob your head or tap your feet, you are aware of distinctly dark undertones." - NEWSREVIEW.COM

"As long as the listener doesn't mind a lottery drawing of subjects being thrown at them, I'd say Forrest Day has left a brilliant stamp on the world of recording artists and look forward to their legacy." - HYBRID MAGAZINE

"The lyrics felt much more than just a voice, but like a comedic truth that brought a smile to the audience. For example, in the song “Everybody’s F–king with My Mind,” lyrics such as “Damn, I feel sorry for college graduates; It blows my mind every single time, how you’re all dead and think you got ahead” had unfortunately made age-appropriate audience members nod. They are definitely a band that wants to be heard and understood." - THE DAILY 49ER

"Forrest Day succeeds in concocting songs that are meticulously crafted enough for the heads but emotionally honest enough for those done with over-satuated genres that just won't die." - KATAROKKAR.NET

"The music is new, it’s unusual, and it personifies the spontaneity and free spirit of jazz, while pulling elements from hip-hop and rock." - KCRW

"It’s hard to imagine how a lumberjack-sized, redheaded saxophone player who melds jazz, reggae, and rock with whip-smart rhymes rivaling any in hip hop could go unnoticed, but somehow it seems the music world has yet to truly discover Forrest Day. Ever since the Bay-area artist blew me away with a performance at the Whisky, I’ve been a huge fan, and the release of his debut full length on October 11th just further reinforced what I already knew: this is an artist worth noticing." - L.A. MUSIC BLOG

"For certain musicians, making music is like exploring a wide-open playground full of the best toys imaginable, and instead of, say, always playing tetherball or hopscotch at recess, every time they hit the playground they fearlessly try something new. That’s how I think of Forrest Day, whose joyous songs sound like they were constructed in Tom Waits’ mad scientist laboratory by Oompa-Loompas hopped up on
bennies." - NEW TIMES SLO

"It's retro almost to the point of anachronism, and forward-thinking at the same time." - EAST BAY EXPRESS