Thu, Jan 30, 2014

Dear DIary,

INCREDIBLE practice tonight. All that shit I wrote yesterday sounds so good with the band. It's really haunting and pretty. Best practice in years, I can't wait to record it and play them live. The band sounds SO good, some amazing musicianship on these new tracks. That's 3 new songs for the next record almost finished. I have a bunch in the pipeline too. I'm thrilled to feel like this is some of my best work. We are going to try and not play any of the new shit live until the record drops.  Fans of our live show have known all the songs before the records have come out. Except FULU. Whoa, I've been trying different breakfast places based on this thread I started on Facebook and I ran into the dude with no legs that danced at my show last saturday!! Fucking crazy.  I asked him if he was down to do a video, he said yea.  He told me he's done Tosh.0.  Nice guy, great taste in breakfast restaurants. Place is Cafe M in Berkeley.  He danced at my show in concord, small worlds. After that Paige and I took Mickey to Point Isabel. Love it there. Gave him a bath after and now he is even more huggable. Sweetest, best dog I've ever had. I'm exhausted.  Goodnite